Network Admission Control

Tech Data Consulting Limited understands the complexities of NAC solutions, from tedious deployment to cumbersome management and exorbitant cost, and have therefore partnered with vendors that offer a 360 degrees’ real-time absolute visibility and control.

Authentication and Identity Management

In order to meet end-user demand for convenience, organizations continue to extend product & service offerings and account access into online and mobile channels. At the same time, cybercrime continues to proliferate and evolve, leveraging Phishing, Man in the Middle (MITM), Man in the Browser (MITB), and other sophisticated tactics to gain unauthorized access to funds, corporate data, and accounts.

Data Classification Services

Data Classification is the cornerstone of an effective information governance strategy- In any Data Protection initiative, the first step is to identify and classify the data.

It also helps in the effective implementation of Data Leakage Prevention and Information Rights Management solutions.

Complete Endpoint Protection

Enterprise Suite provides real-time visibility into security and risk along with unified management.

With advanced threat protection that uses local and global threat intelligence, you will guard your systems and data against complex, stealthy threats with application control, containment, and behavioral intrusion prevention—all delivered as an easy to manage, integrated solution.

Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution is a technical control to prevent leakage of sensitive business data from a corporate environment.

It is a unified security solution that helps Discover, Monitor and Protect data across Network, Endpoint and Storage systems, whether the users are on or off the corporate network

Enterprise Systems Management Solutions

The opportunity for enterprise business IT and communication service providers to benefit from digital depends upon the firm’s ability to simplify the complexity of the IT Infrastructure- remove silos, and focus on customer outcomes.

With the increasing adoption of digital business transformation, Tech Data Consulting Limited partners with the leading OEMs to help our clients through their digital transformation journey with the capabilities that address the following challenges:

  • Connect multiple systems with no disruption - ability to link multiple IT systems, applications, and data, which eliminate the need for developing custom programs to integrate individual services.
  • No understanding of the relationship between IT and the business - the ability to have an accurate picture of applications and supporting infrastructure in production – automatically discover IT relationships, traces transactions, and easily helps to create service models that enable service health to be measured and managed.
  • Reactive monitoring across applications and infrastructure hindering the ability to quickly detect and remediate issues relating to performance or availability before customers are impacted.
  • Limited capacity management & planning hindering operational efficiency due to under/ over-provisioning of resources.
  • Siloed - IT operations management tool – No single tool (all-in-one approach) that seamlessly integrates all kinds of monitoring, from user-experience and application monitoring to server and network monitoring.
  • Gain visibility and control of IT assets, reduce ongoing software costs, and maintain continuous license compliance.