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Cybersecurity and Digital Infrastructure Security Gateway

Business productivity relies heavily on technology. So, as businesses evolves, the demands made on technology systems to enable new ways of working and ensuring continuous increases. This, coupled with a constantly evolving security threat landscape. The proliferation of user network access devices, increased pressure around compliance, and the potentially devastating impact of security breach. Means that today, businesses don’t just rely on technology solutions, they are dependent on secure technology solutions.

Compliance, threat management, network, endpoint, and data protection are the greatest challenges for most enterprise customers today. Until recently, organizations have responded to security concerns by deploying a new tool to address every new risk. But as security threats have grown more sophisticated, invasive, and collaborative, traditional practices. That point-product security solutions no longer offer enough protection.

 We provide Cybersecurity and Digital Infrastructure Security Gateway

At Techdata Consulting Limited , security intelligence is at the core of our practice. Therefore we are able to help our clients optimize security, stop advanced threats, protect critical assets, and deliver digital transformation.

We remain convinced that our client-centric approach will continuously enable us to stay ahead of the curve of the cybersecurity landscape, better position us to help our clients keep sensitive data safe, no matter what is new or evolving. More so, help our clients to reduce the risk of network access, prevent data loss, better manage regulatory compliance- therefore build trust, retain and grow their customer base.

At Techdata Consulting Limited , we work with a clear purpose to lead  Secured Digital Evolution with leading IT Security vendors to offer deep enterprise Cybersecurity solutions.  Priding ourselves on being more nimble than our competitors, accessing new technologies, bringing them to market at lightning speed, and more flexible in adapting our capabilities to meet our client’s specific needs. We’re proud to deliver and support advanced cybersecurity solutions to the largest industries leading companies.

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What makes us unique is our ability to conceptualize, architect and implement new and expanded capabilities that allow our clients to transform legacy models to take their business to the next level

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We partner with the leading brands at the forefront of computer security, network management, and enterprise software to deliver solutions for your business.

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Our partners include firms offering antivirus and internet security software including Kaspersky, Bitdefender, and McAfee.

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Working with Extreme Networks, Nuix, etc, we’re able to deliver top-of-the-line storage and network management solutions.

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We partner with brands including Microsoft and Sage to provide ERP and other office solutions to brands across Africa.

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