Web Application Security Assessment

Web Application Security Assessment

Web application security assessment is a core activity of every web-based business or organization. This is because the expansive nature of the Internet exposes all types of web properties to cyber-attacks of different levels of scale and complexity from unexpected sources and locations.

Web application security is, therefore, the evaluation of the security level, vulnerabilities, and other potential weaknesses of websites, web-based applications, and other web-based services like APIs.

Our risk assessment services are designed to help your technical team to identify, understand, and take remedial action against critical and non-critical vulnerabilities. The goal is to transform the application security process into an ongoing security governance process. Application security–if delivered right–should bridge the gap between the teams that build and manage applications. Securing applications requires agility and insight into application behavior, network, workloads that run them, and ultimately the users and devices that interact with them.

With support for thousands of mobile, desktop, and cloud-based applications. We can assess the security of any application anytime and anywhere.  We provide you with a simple but efficient, fast way to test your application security. And eliminate the risk of harmful or unwarranted intrusion. With our help, software developers can assess the security of their products. Take remedial measures where necessary, and accelerate their application release cycles.

Application security encompasses securing an application throughout its life cycle. These three states are critical for applications to be secure:

  • Building secure applications on secure workloads
  • Securing applications during runtime, including access of applications to users and devices
  • Maintaining adaptative security on applications as they change and get updated

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