IP Reputation & Email Security Solution

IP Reputation & Email Security Solution

Help Build Trust in the future of Mobile.

Service Providers: IP blacklisting & Anti-Spam Solution

IP Reputation & Email Security Solution is one of the greatest challenges facing Service Providers achieving significant market success with internet services is ensuring that its IP addresses are not compromised by internally compromised subscriber devices, or malicious users which damages the experience for all other subscribers on the network. We can also know how to properly safeguard our data through knowledge on IP Reputation & Email Security Solution.

Bots are software applications that run automated tasks over the internet.  Bots can become malicious, used to compromise end-user devices and coordinate automated attacks on networked computers; such as spreading spam emails, and coordinating DOS or DDOS attacks.

About 40% of the upstream traffic on today’s mobile networks consists of spam mail. For network operators, handling this huge volume of spam leads to blocked IPs and ultimately impacts compliance. Flagging legitimate emails from subscribers as spam by external networks due to the poor reputation of the IP address. Carrying them higher support costs. Both in resource costs to have IP addresses reinstated, and subscriber churn due to service dissatisfaction.


The attack signatures for today’s malicious bots are increasingly complex and continue to evolve with the sole intention to compromise hosts. And remain launch pads for malware indefinitely.

Techdata Consulting Limited partners with the top global security vendors. To offer our clients enterprise and carrier-grade, subscriber-centric network protection solutions. That delivers real-time protection from spam and other email-related malware that compromises the network’s IP reputation and increases the risk of business compromise.

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