Identity and Access Management Security

Identity and Access Management Security

Ensure the right people have access to the right information at the time needed Solution.

Network Access Control

Control is an absolute term – you are either in control or you are not!  This is very important when it comes to Enterprise networks. You cannot secure or enforce control measures on what you cannot see. Internal networks are becoming increasingly complex, stretching from campus, and data centers to cloud infrastructure. A good number of devices in internal networks are BYOD and to complicate matters, some of these devices are not air-gapped from the corporate networks which increases business risks especially when organizations don’t have in-depth insight into what’s connected to their networks. Without comprehensive visibility of all connected devices, organizations cannot truly secure the enterprise and implement important security measures. In other words, you cannot effectively control access to your network, perform network segmentation, ensure device compliance, manage assets, and respond to incidents. Identity and Access Management Security is needed to safeguard business data and other relevant resources.

Techdata Consulting Limited understands the difficulty of NAC solutions, from tedious deployment to complex management and exorbitant cost; and has therefore partnered with Vendors that offer a 360-degree real-time absolute visibility, control, ease of management and deployment.

Our NAC solutions provide answers to the challenges:

  • Discovery of unknown devices on the network.
  • Ability to integrate with other security solution stack in a business and share contextual intelligence.
  • Discovery and monitoring of virtual instances and cloud workloads.
  • Prevention of infected or non-compliant devices from spreading malware
  • Prevention of targeted attacks from stealing data or forcing network downtime
  • Automation of network access control to provide the right action for each situation without human involvement.


  • Identification of device type and location, user identity and role, and level of compliance
  • Measuring the use of security controls and perform compliance with regulations.


Authentication and Identity Management

In order to meet end-user demand for convenience, organizations continue to extend product & service offerings and account access into online and mobile channels. At the same time, cybercrime continues to proliferate and evolve, leveraging Phishing, Man in the Middle (MITM), Man in the Browser (MITB), and other sophisticated tactics to gain unauthorized access to funds, corporate data, and accounts.

The ability to achieve the right balance of security without affecting the user experience is a challenge for organizations.

On this note, we choose to partner with the leading security vendors that offer comprehensive and proven adaptive authentication and identity management solution.  Such increases productivity and reduces the cost of managing and revoking user profiles and credentials. And access rights throughout the user lifecycle. More so, provide security-rich access to web applications and data. Which secures access to online applications and data spread across the extended enterprise.