Managing and protecting your devices, apps, and content sharing.

Managing and protecting your device, apps, and content sharing.

The enterprise information management market has evolved over the years into Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). EMM is growing quickly, and the vendor landscape has changed significantly. We help businesses and companies Manage and protect their devices, using the best Cyber Security technologies. Managing and protecting your device is highly needed to prevent hacking. Therefore, Managing and protecting your device is needed to safeguard data.

We are witnessing the mobile mind shift; an expectation that workers can be productive wherever they are practical. There’s a surge of innovation in mobile technology as a part of broader business technology engagement platforms to ensure that employees have access to the information they need to better serve customers during these critical mobile moments.

Mobility is a top priority for organizations. Why? Because more employees than ever before are demanding access to the apps and data that will make them productive on the go. But, this isn’t as easy as it was in the past. Now, employees want this access from any mobile device, including their own personal devices. In addition, the apps that people need to get their jobs done have expanded beyond mobile and email. To include Windows, data center, web, and native mobile apps.

However, for IT, allowing users to access all of their apps and data from untrusted devices raises significant security and compliance concerns. A new IT platform purpose-built for mobility management is required to address the IT team’s need of securing corporate data, while also delivering the end-user the choice and flexibility they demand and need.

To realize the full benefits of business mobility for our clients, Techdata Consulting Limited  partners with the global leading and focused vendors that offer complete enterprise mobility management solutions, delivering the following capabilities: