Software Defined-Wide Area Network

Software Defined-Wide Area Network

A more intelligent cloud-first and cost-effective way to build WAN.


SD-WAN (Software Defined-Wide Area Network) architecture is rapidly becoming a mainstream technology. This is due to the increasing adoption of cloud services by distributed businesses and the premium price of MPLS WAN connectivity across the branch networks. This high cost and complexity of MPLS wide-area connectivity over other traditional carrier-based networks are driving most decision-makers towards SD-WAN. It uses a centralized control that allows enterprises to leverage any combination of transport services including MPLS, LTE and broadband internet services to securely and intelligently direct traffic across the WAN to connect users to applications.

But more important than cost, is also productivity to consider.  The increasing adoption of cloud based tools like SaaS applications, voice over IP (VoIP). Video conferencing technologies requires high quality performance to deliver value to enterprise users.

However, the centralized MPLS architecture that backhauls all traffic from the branch – including that destined to the cloud to HQ or Data Centre.  Where advanced security inspection services can be applied reduces application performance due to network latency.

Unlike the traditional router-centric WAN architecture, the SD-WAN


model is designed to fully support applications hosted in on-premise data centers, public or private clouds, and SaaS solutions such as, Workday, Office365, and Dropbox, while delivering the highest levels of application performance.

We  partner with leading SD-WAN vendors to provide advanced software-driven security and application performance features that enable enterprises. To securely, reliably, and actively maximize application performance and reduce WAN operational expenses.

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