Data Masking and Encryption

Data Masking and Encryption

Managing the privacy and security of data is no longer optional. With data breach incidents regularly making the news and increasing pressure from regulatory bodies and consumers alike. Organizations must protect sensitive data across the enterprise. Yet all too often, business are forced to choose between locking down data for security purposes or making that data easily accessible to consumers. Why not do both?

Our solution provides a comprehensive approach to Data Ops. Enabling companies to easily secure, manage, and deliver data, wherever it exists.

Non-production environments for development, testing, and reporting represent as much as 90% of the attack surface for data breaches and are often less scrutinized from a security perspective. Techdata Consulting Limited delivers robust solutions. That irreversibly mask sensitive data values to neutralize risk in those environments, protecting them from insider and outside threats alike.

With our Data masking solutions, your data is :

  • Fast: Provision data securely and in the required environments in minutes instead of hours, days, or months to enable IT transformation.
  • Secure: Secure sensitive data in adherence to security policies and ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Everywhere: Move and manage data securely and from any environment on-premises, cloud, or hybrid environments, and seamlessly provision data where required.

At Techdata Consulting Limited, we partner with the leading global IT Security vendors. To deliver Data Encryption and Data Masking solutions. As we help our clients to secure their sensitive data either on-premise or in the cloud.

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