Data Activity Monitoring

Data Activity Monitoring

Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) solution protects against potential data breaches. By monitoring all access to a database, looking for malicious, suspicious activities, and data anomalies, and alerting or blocking policy violations.  The critical advantage of DAM is the ability to audit database activities without relying on native auditing facilities of the database.

Organizations across the globe continue to experience compromised data caused by malicious attacks, web application vulnerabilities, or unauthorized changes.

For many data breach incidents, did you know that Databases have been prime targets? Because that’s where the money is, in the form of proprietary company or customer-specific information. Securing databases is complex, and controls such as authentication and authorization checks alone may not be sufficient.

Recent breaches are also driving an increased focus on regulatory compliance and many regulations consider database access auditing as crucial control.

To mitigate these risks, Techdata Consulting Limited. Partners with leading vendors offering Database Activity Monitoring solutions efficiently demonstrating database compliance. Through automated processes, audit analysis, and customizable reports across heterogeneous database platforms. In addition, it accelerates incident response and forensic investigation with centralized management and advanced analytics.

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