Network Security Solution

Network Security Solution

Today’s enterprise networks have been transformed due to the increasing adoption of digital transformation initiatives. To enhance business outcomes such as; cloud computing, integration of mobile devices to corporate networks, and more. All this has resulted in borderless network perimeters, a widened attack vectors, and an associated increase in cyber threats.Network Security Solutions are needed to defend against malware and emerging threats.

As businesses adopt digital technology, It is essential for all organizations to protect their networks and their resources. From the risk of cyber threats while delivering on service demands from both enterprise users and customers. A good Network Security Solution posture protects the enterprise from the risk of reputational damage. Financial loss, data loss, and regulatory sanction.

To achieve a robust security posture, organizations need a comprehensive security architecture. That consists of high-performance and a well-deployed layer of real-time preventive, detective, and corrective mechanisms. That responds to known vulnerabilities, zero-day attacks, and advanced threats.

At Techdata Consulting Limited we engage with businesses to understand their strategic business direction. With the breadth of our industry, global and local experience in consulting engagements. We develop security programs and plans that meet the present and future cybersecurity needs of the business; while enhancing business outcomes.

Techdata Consulting Limited partners with industry-leading IT vendors to deliver best-fit solutions. That give immediate response and intelligent defense against malware and emerging threats. Across today’s complex enterprise network architectures

The following are highlights of the Network Security Solutions we offer to help clients. Mitigate risk and enhance business outcomes: NGFW (Next-Generation Firewall), Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Web Application Firewall (WAF), DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service Solution) Protection Solution, Network Visibility & Intelligence Solution, Secure Email Gateway Solution and more.

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