Advanced Facilities & Network Solutions


Advanced Facilities and Network Solutions

Techdata Consulting understands that today’s business environment demands ICT for the organization to function like a well-oiled machine, actively supporting business activities and contributing to the achievement of high-end strategic goals.

Unlike before, businesses are now highly demanding with more than a million channels created over the last decade to enable organizations to function in a global fashion. Executives now demand faster outcomes because of their knowledge of the available avenues to achieve these ends.

Similarly, in today’s competitive market, time is money and network downtime is costly. Modern businesses rely heavily on key information systems, so when your network goes down, every second it is not available costs you in terms of productivity and output. Getting your network up and running again becomes an urgent, business-critical priority.

Our Solutions

Techdata Consulting, therefore, understanding all these unique needs developed a strong Advanced Facility & Network Solutions practice that is fully capable of delivering the infrastructure that businesses need to mobilize and run successfully on the fast-growing technology platforms now made available.

We provide Data Center consulting services (design, build & maintenance) that help organizations keep their critical IT systems up and running, Electrical Services for powering the entire IT & operational facilities, HVAC Mechanical for cooling, Structured Cabling, Network Integration, AV (Audiovisual) Integration, Perimeter Security Solutions and project management services.

We deliver all these services in silos or as a turkey depending on our clients’ specific requirements per time.

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